Thursday, March 26, 2009


Thiz morning reached office quite early …actually this week memang very the early sampai…Saja kuar cepat kalu tak… terkejar2 nanti.. Kat office ni memang flexible … but dun wanna take for granted.. Mana tau the big boz keep eye on you lebih-lebih lagi kat main entrance tu ada CCTV… tu yang tak best tu …..

Semalam aku terlupa bawak pen drive…ari ni lak terlupa bawak handphone…hai….memang lately ni aku selalu terlupa yang bukan sikit-sikit. Kengkadang letak tempat lain cari kat tempat lain….. Adakah ini tandanya umur yang semakin meningkat membuatkan aku jadi camnie??? Oh..No! … Atau orang tua-tua kata urat bersalin dah terputus banyak kali yang jadikan aku camnie ?? Aku baru tiga orang anak.. kalu orang yang banyak tu camna erkk...

Citer pasal anak nie… aku nak share sikit about baby…. Nak refresh balik ingatan ni…yealah my doter pun nak masuk 3 tahun this year…

Why Babies Need To Use Their Own Toiletries ?

Babies’ skin is thinner and more fragile; that’s why is so important to use products that are especially formulated and proven mild enough for their delicate skin. In adults’ toiletries, the surfactant (cleaning effect) is harsher, causing dryness to baby’s skin and skin irritation. However, mild surfactant used in baby toiletries cleans without removing natural moisture, maintaining skin hydration and leaves baby’s skin soft and smooth after use.

When should a baby to use a Pacifier and Rattle Teether ?

Baby show various desires immediately following birth and throughout their various growth phases. These products are designed to be use according to the different stages of development.
Paficier – From birth
Satisties the baby’s need to suck and promotes jaw development
Rattle Teether – From around 3 month
Satisties the baby’s need to touch things with its mouth and hands. It also promotes sensory perception and a sense of touch.
Teether – From 5-6 month
Satisfies the baby’s need to bite and teaches baby to chew.

How Should I Care For My Baby?

The eyes of babies, from newborns to one-month olds, may produce frequent discharge. Use a wet, clean, soft cloth to wipe the eyes. Gently wipe the eye moving from the inner to outer corners. A new, clean wipe should be used for each eye.

After giving baby a bath, clean his or her ears with baby cotton swabs and behind the ears with a soft, wet cloth. Never insert cotton swabs into the baby’s ear canal. Doing so may damage mucous membranes.

Baby’s nasal mucous membranes are extremely delicate and fragile. Do not insert cotton swabs inside the nose when cleaning the nostrils. Use nose cleaner when baby sniffles. Warm baby’s nose with warm towels when the nostrils are severely blocked.

Baby’s nails grow quickly and should be trimmed once a week. If not trimmed properly, a baby’s long nails may scratches his or her face. Cutting nail while a baby is sleeping is best.
Till now.. to be continued..

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